Software shouldn’t cost the world


Why does sustainable software engineering matter?

Legislatively, socially, professionally and personally, more of us are committed to going down a few sizes in our carbon footprint–and re:cinq is committed to doing that by helping companies reduce their IT-related carbon emissions.

  • 14%

    IT’s estimated contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

  • Carbon

    Lower your carbon emissions

  • 55%

    The EU’s Greenhouse gas emission reduction agreement by 2030

  • Compliance

    Get your software compliant for when more sustainability regulations are in place

  • 37%

    Greenhouse gas emissions from the EU and The US

  • Cash

    Initially, sustainable software practices will automatically lower costs

  • IT’s estimated contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions by 2040
  • Lower your carbon emissions
  • The EU’s Greenhouse gas emission reduction agreement by 2030
  • Get your software compliant for when more sustainability regulations are in place
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from the EU and The US
  • Initially, sustainable software practices will automatically lower costs


What is sustainable software engineering?

What do you see when you look across the landscape of your organisation’s software?
Is it energy-conscious, environment-aware and eco-friendly?
Or power-draining, money-wasting and resource-sapping?

On its own, software doesn’t consume energy or emit harmful discharge. The problems arise with how it’s made, how we use it and how we discontinue it–and it’s in our power to do that better.

Sustainable software engineering dives deep into software practices, architecture, hosting, hardware and resourcing that will generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions to support The Paris Agreement and Fit for 55.

About us

Who is re:cinq?

We are a group of highly-experienced technologists and professionals who have worked across industries and technologies for over 20 years.

Now we’re bringing our expertise and passion for a better world together to reduce the negative impact software is leaving on the planet.


What do we do?

No matter what kind of IT system your organisation has, we work to actually* lower the carbon emissions-almost instantly.

*through true measurement, analysis and expert engineering, our services are designed to drive real change across your systems… as opposed to ticking sustainability boxes for the sake of that next report

Green IT Strategy

Build a smarter process for sustainability change

Green IT Strategy is our comprehensive service that helps companies develop and implement sustainable IT practices. It involves defining sustainability goals, designing a target operating model for green software engineering, and crafting a strategy for evolving towards sustainability. Benefits include accelerated progress towards sustainability goals, integrating sustainability into business culture, and attracting top talent. The service involves activities such as defining goals, designing a target operating model, developing a strategy, implementing the strategy, monitoring progress, and communicating results.

Sustainability Engineering

Develop and implement sustainable practices to cut carbon and costs

Sustainability Engineering is our service that helps companies make their software development practices and software applications more sustainable. It includes designing carbon-aware architectures, making smart technology choices, tracking environmental impact, and continuously improving. The service is tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Benefits of Sustainability Engineering include reduced environmental impact, improved IT infrastructure efficiency, lower cloud costs, enhanced brand reputation, and a more proactive approach to environmental sustainability.

Continuous Sustainability

Systematically manage Carbon, Cost and Compliance

Continuous Sustainability is our cloud-based platform that helps organisations track and manage their sustainability performance. It provides insights into carbon emissions, costs, and compliance with sustainability standards. Key benefits include holistic management, quantifiable progress, cost optimization, and enhanced compliance. Key features include comprehensive emissions tracking, detailed cost analysis, real-time compliance monitoring, predictive analytics, and Pathfinder integration. Continuous Sustainability is offered on a subscription basis with tailored pricing.


We work with:

There’s only one way to get to net zero: collaboratively. Our partners are constantly developing their expertise in developing greener tech, and sustainable innovation.

  • Green Software Foundation

    The Green Software Foundation is an ecosystem of people, standards, tooling and best practices for Green Software

  • Green Software Patterns

    An online open-source database of software patterns reviewed and curated by the Green Software Foundation across a wide range of categories



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