Raising the software engineering practises

Our story

We are a group of highly-experienced technologists and professionals who have worked across industries and technologies for over 100 years cumulatively.

Through our extensive journeys in these domains, an epiphany struck us: the often-overlooked aspect of sustainable IT. For professional and personal reasons, we knew it was time to change that.

Our journeys have taken us through the trenches of coding, leadership roles in companies, and advisory positions at some of the world’s largest organisations. Each of these roles provided a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the IT landscape – and where improvements should be made.

So we’ve brought our expertise and passion for a better world together to reduce the negative impact software is leaving on the planet.

Why re:cinq and why now?

Buzzwords and superficial efforts are undermining sustainability goals. While ESG and CSRD reports may provide positive indications, the impact of software is not being accurately or comprehensively measured, hindering meaningful*sustainable progress.

Our deep expertise across sustainability and software engineering puts us at the cross-section of creating greener IT that moves the needle closer to global net zero goals.

*our approach, reporting and practices are particularly and blatantly against empty metrics and greenwashing.

  • Our mission

    To help companies reduce their IT-related carbon emissions while becoming more cost efficient.

  • Our vision

    A world where software does not contribute to global warming.

How we’re getting there

  • Green IT

    Create a strategy for sustainability change that will help you establish a sustainable IT framework that optimises your carbon footprint, cost efficiency, and compliance with regulations.

  • Sustainability

    Develop and implement sustainable practices to cut carbon and
    costs. Design architectures and development practices that
    are carbon aware.

  • Continuous

    Cloud Platforms to systematically manage Carbon, Cost and Compliance.


Together, we have decades of experience across software, industries, and organisations. We’re ready to bring our understanding of yesterday’s practices and today’s sustainability needs to build a better tomorrow

  • Pini - Founder & CEO
  • Kristian - Founder & CFO
  • Michael - Founder & CTO
  • Anne Currie - Advisor to re:cinq, tech Strategy Consultant
  • Brendan Kamp - Principal Sustainability Engineer
  • Gabi Beyer - Principal Sustainability Engineer
  • Sebastian Cogno - Principal Sustainability Engineer

We work with

There’s only one way to get to net zero: collaboratively. Our partners are constantly developing their expertise in developing greener tech, and sustainable innovation

  • Green Software Foundation

    The Green Software Foundation is an ecosystem of people, standards, tooling and best practices for Green Software

  • Green Software Patterns

    An online open-source database of software patterns reviewed and curated by the Green Software Foundation across a wide range of categories